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In almost any country, a person who wants to buy bitcoins can use the exchange service. The largest aggregators of such services are and You need to decide how to buy cryptocurrency (using a bank card, money transfer, electronic payment systems, etc.) and choose a right trader. Pay attention to the reviews. It is worth choosing a seller without complaints and lots of good reviews.


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Direct buying: Due to unclear regulation, there are a dozen services in the Eurozone for direct buying of Bitcoin with a rich variety of payment channels. Depending on the method of payment, most of such brokers charge 0.5–5% from their clients and earn from the spread. Also in most European countries, Coinbase and Circle online wallets are available with the option of buying Bitcoins by bank transfer or credit card.

Peering exchangers: is a peering market for all European countries, money is accepted as SEPA transfers. Considering fee of 0.5% and a narrow spread, this is probably the cheapest way to buy bitcoin, except for exchanges.

Exchanges: First of all, it is Kraken and a little less known - Bitstamp. They require full identification.


Great Britain

Direct buying: Lots of British people use Bittylicious. This platform, along with bank transfers and credit cards, offers local payment systems, including Paym and Barclays Pingit. However, in some payment options, the transaction cost can be quite high.

Exchanges: The most popular exchange in the UK is Coinfloor.



Austrian citizens can buy Bitcoins using gift cards that are sold at Traffic stores. This is a convenient, but relatively expensive method of buying Bitcoins.


The Germans have Fidor-Bank, cooperating with and Kraken, that makes buying on these platforms much faster and more convenient. On the platform, Fidor clients are automatically identified and can use the ExpressTrade function. It allows you to buy an unlimited number of Bitcoins at relatively low prices and it becomes available just a few minutes after entering the site.



In Spain, the easiest way to buy Bitcoins on and Chip-Chap is to use one of thousands of ATMs.



In Norway, there is only one exchange called Trading volume on it is quite low, so the operation will cost a lot


In Sweden, there are two bitcoin brokers that trade using Swedish krona. They are and



The only such service in Denmark is


In Poland, there are three exchanges where you can buy Bitcoins using zloty on relatively good conditions. These platforms are, and



The Ukrainian exchange, accepting UAH is called



One can buy Bitcoins for rubles at Registration with your phone number is required here.