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In almost any country, a person who wants to buy bitcoins can use the exchange service. The largest aggregators of such services are and You need to decide how to buy cryptocurrency (using a bank card, money transfer, electronic payment systems, etc.) and choose a right trader. Pay attention to the reviews. It is worth choosing a seller without complaints and lots of good reviews.


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In some countries of Central and South America, several exchanges are available to users. Satoshi Tango operates in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru. offers services in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. CryptoMKT is the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America, operating in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Europe. Local peering exchangers are available in most Latin American countries.



Direct buying: Brazilians can buy Bitcoins directly on the site The server calls itself the largest Bitcoin exchanger in Latin America.

Exchanges: One of the main Brazilian exchange is called FlowBTC. You can contribute funds by the bank transfer. The second large exchange is



Ripio is a Bitcoin wallet app that allows you to buy cryptocurrency even on credit and it serves as a payment gateway when paying for goods and services.